CHEAP Google Android Mini-Figure Magnet Set LIMITED

Google Android Mini-Figure Magnet Set

Google Android Mini-Figure Magnet Set

If You search android then Google Android Mini-Figure Magnet Set is best choice, Buy it now for Price is 9.99

These awesome Androids have some staying power! This Google Android Mini-Figure Magnet Set features 6 soft vinyl miniature android bots that have an embedded magnet that sticks to metal surfaces
Use them to hold up photos, keep important documents handy, or just decorate your fridge or desk! Each android comes in a different pose
Each magnet measures about 1 1\/4-inches tall.

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Expert Android

Expert Android
From the leading publisher of Android books, Apress'Expert Android gives you advanced techniques for customizing views, controls, and layouts
You'll learn to develop apps in record time using JSON, Advanced Form Processing, and the BaaS (Backend As A Service) platform Parse
The book also includes extensive coverage on OpenGL, Search, and Telephony
With these advanced and time saving technologies you'll be able to release compelling mobile applications in Google Play and the Amazon Appstore at a rapid pace
In Expert Android, you'll learn to: Borrow, reuse, or build custom Android UI components Create 3D experiences using OpenGL ES 2.0 Write collaborative applications in the Parse cloud and communicate with your app user community through Parse Push Technology Reduce the time-to-market while creating rock solid apps for multiple devices Whether you are an individual or enterprise developer, in Expert Android you'll find the advanced techniques and practices to take your mobile apps to the next level
Regardless of the Android release, this book serves as your definitive, capstone reference for your Apress Android experience
What you'll learn How to deliver impactful Apps cheaper, better, and faster
How to develop for multiple devices and manage fragmentation in Android How to use Parse cloud for Storage, Collaborative Social Apps, and Push notifications How to create Custom Views, Controls, and Layouts How to create 3D experience with OpenGL ES 2.0 How to achieve speed to market through JSON, Form processing, and Parse How to eliminate memory leaks and poor-performing code Who this book is for This book is for advanced Android app developers who have read\/used Pro Android already by the very same authors that bring you Expert Android
Table of Contents 01
Custom Views 02
Compound Views 03
Custom Layouts 04
Using JSON for On-Device Persistence 05
Programming for multiple devices 06
Advanced Form Processing for Android 07
Using the Telephony API 08

Price : 49.99

Manufacturer Refurbished Acer Iconia One with WiFi 10.1\

Manufacturer Refurbished Acer Iconia One with WiFi 10.1\
Manufacturer Refurbished Acer Iconia One with WiFi 10.1\

Price : 109.99

Digital2 11.6\

Digital2 11.6\
The Digital2 1161G 11.6\

Price : 134.95

Fintie LeapFrog Epic 7\

Fintie LeapFrog Epic 7\
Compatibility: This case is designed for LeapPad Epic 7-inch Tablet
It will not for any other tablets
Features: Attention: Please remove the original silicone skin from the Epic tablet before using
Premium synthetic leather exterior and soft microfiber interior - Snug fit and lightweight
There is flexible stripe to hold the device securely on car's headrest
The case has stand to enjoy typing, emailing, gaming or video watching
This product is sold exclusively by Fintie
Only buy from Fintie to get genuine Fintie (TM) products with manufacturer warranty and superb customer service
Materials: Made from Premium Polyurethane leather with soft interior for protection
Product Contents: 1x Fintie Case.

Price : 13.99


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