DEALS Bladestorm: Nightmare - Pre-owned - Playstation 4 OFFER

Bladestorm: Nightmare - Pre-owned - Playstation 4

Bladestorm: Nightmare - Pre-owned - Playstation 4

If You search ps4 then Bladestorm: Nightmare - Pre-owned - Playstation 4 is best choice, Buy it now for Price is 39.99

The clank of metal
The thunder of hooves
While you're in the heat of battle, it's hard to tell which men are your enemies and which are your friends
But suddenly evil has never been clearer - these soldiers aren't even human
There are hordes of demons that look as though they've come straight from Hell
The ground is vibrating from where a giant took his last step
Where your horse once stood, there's now a pile of ash with flames eating at its corpse
You look up and see a dragon ready to kill you with only its breath
But you know you can conquer them all
You must succeed not only for your survival - you have to save the whole world
Bladestorm: Nightmare lets you step into history as you fight for either England or France in the Hundred Years' War
Choose to play in the game's normal mode for a historically accurate narrative inspired by the events and battles that took place between 1337 and 1453
Command your own army units as you battle your way to victory, building your troops, achieving fame and earning gold as you complete various missions
Once you've mastered your tactics, switch to Nightmare mode to fight against Joan of Arc and her army of treacherous creatures - the beloved heroine has mysteriously been taken over by the dark side, and it's up to you to change her back
Combine powers with the opposition to succeed against the malevolent hordes - England and France must join their legions to take on seemingly infinite numbers of dragons, giants and demons
In Nightmare mode, you'll also be able to control an additional 32 playable characters based on both fictional characters and historical figures of the time
Overthrow the evil army and transform Joan of Arc back into the heroine she was, and you won't just save the world - you'll save its history.

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Insten Black 10FT M\/M High Speed HDMI Cable+Camouflage Navy Green Case for Sony PS4 Playstation 4

Insten Black 10FT M\/M High Speed HDMI Cable+Camouflage Navy Green Case for Sony PS4 Playstation 4
Compatible WithSony PlayStation 4Package IncludesSilicone Skin Case x 1High Speed HDMI Cable M\/M x 1Item DescriptionSilicone Skin CaseKeep your Sony PlayStation 4 Controller safe and protected with style with this silicone skin casePersonalize each of the PS4 controller with different colors for every members of the familyAdd a splash of color to your PS4 controller and provide an instant all around protection from scratches, dirt, and grease caused by everyday use (and abuse) Non-slip surface is great for providing better grip to enhance gaming performanceManufactured using premium virgin silicone materialSmooth and washable design ensures comfort and cleanlinessUnique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the skinColor: Camouflage Navy GreenAccessory ONLY
controller not includedHigh Speed HDMI Cable M\/MA premium high performance quality HDMI-HDMI cable suitable for use in HDTV, Home Theater, PlayStation 3, and business class projector based applications
Connectors features molded strain-relief, and mylar-foil shieldingCable constructed using the high quality material for best contact connection between HDMI equipments
Fully HDCP compliant to provide highest level of signal quality
Fully compatible with High Speed HDMI specification (Version 1.3b) Transfer Digital Audio and Video signals at warp speed of 10.2 Gigabits per second! A superb cable with excellent audio-visual transfer properties that deliver signal without compromising purity and balance
Digital video doesn't get any better than this! Features: Connectors ensure highest signal transfer rate and resistance in corrosionLarge gauge PVC jacket provides maximum shielding against wear and tear and extreme temperaturesReinforced quad-layer braided shielding and Mylar-foil shielding provides utmost protection against RF and EM interferenceMolded strain-relief design lessens plug\/socket pressureDesigned to meet all HDMI standardsSupports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080

Price : 8.49

Mlb 14: The Show - Pre-owned - Playstation 4

Mlb 14: The Show - Pre-owned - Playstation 4
Baseball is your passion and no one can deny your love for the game, but what you're really in it for is The Show
The feeling you get as you run out into the middle of the ballpark, awash in bright stadium lighting
The rows and rows of roaring fans that send thunderous reverberations rocketing up through the soles of your feet
You become enveloped in the raw emotion coursing around you
As you step up to the plate, your calloused fingers feel the smooth grain of the familiar bat, choking up on the wood until it becomes almost an extension of your own body
You try to read the pitcher's slight movements in the microseconds before he whips a ball in your direction, spiraling at seemingly lightning speeds
Your body reacts, followed by a deafening crack as your bat lines up with the ball
You can tell without even looking that you've just hit the first homer of the night
Step out of the dugout and onto the field in MLB 14: The Show
The highly rated sports franchise that you've grown to love over the past eight years is back with new, exciting ways to play, more realistic gameplay physics and the most authentic MLB experience yet
With support for high-definition video output in either 480p, 720p, 1080i or 1080p resolution, you'll feel as if you're truly in the game, handling the lumber, gripping the seams and rounding the bases
Play through all nine innings faster than ever thanks to new game features and presentation enhancements
Capture and share your most thrilling MLB moments via the Share button
Create dynamic, customizable players and check out predraft prospects in the Road to the Show
Are your buddies as gifted with the glove and bat as you are? Recruit up to three teammates to help you nail down wins
Carry over your top-notch RBIs and other stats with year-to-year saves, which let you seamlessly transfer your saves to future versions of MLB: The Show
Get up off the bench and make the crowd go wild in MLB 14: The Show.

Price : 9.99

Joker Pattern Decal Sticker Set for PS4 Console and Controllers

Joker Pattern Decal Sticker Set for PS4 Console and Controllers store provides cool gadgets, cell phones, consumer electronics, LED flashlight, car accessories, phones accessories, computer accessories, games accessories, holiday gifts and security camera.

Price : 7.49

Final Fantasy Vii: Remake - Playstation 4

Final Fantasy Vii: Remake - Playstation 4
Originally released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII instantly became a classic and a lauded title for the RPG genre
Now, the critically acclaimed chapter is returning with Final Fantasy VII: Remake for PlayStation 4
Lose yourself in the epic adventure with the thrilling storyline, robust cast and engaging movie sequences
This Remake is developed with key members from the original release, including producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Tetsuya Nomura and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima
Are you ready to re-experience this classic on your PlayStation 4?

Price : 59.99


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